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  • Struggling with kitchen storage space?
  • Finding low cupboards a real pain?
  • Tired of your old-style units?

Would you like a kitchen that provides you with the wow factor? but more importantly where everything is easily accessible, so you do not have to bend, kneel or stretch awkwardly to reach any kitchen item?

The average kitchen lasts around 20 years, and it’s a purchase you make only once or twice in your life. Whether you like modern kitchens or more traditional kitchens, make sure you choose a specialist kitchen designer who can give you lots of help and advice – from kitchen worktops and kitchen furniture right through to where you store your herbs and spices!And you can arrange it all from the comfort of your home…
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Blum is a worldwide market leader and supplier of hinges, drawer and lift systems to the furniture and kitchen industry.

Six years ago Blum created a kitchen design concept that represented 25 years of kitchen research and a two year study of the types of items consumers need to store in their kitchens.

From this research, Blum created the unique kitchen design concept: “Dynamic Space

Dynamic space is now a new kitchen standard

A “dynamic Space” kitchen design must go beyond just the ‘look’ of the exterior.

A ‘dynamic space ‘kitchen incorporates ergonomic workflow considerations.

A “dynamic space” kitchen must have ease of access to frequently used kitchen items.

A “dynamic space” design must utilise the kitchen space into ‘useable and accessible’ storage space.

Blum's moving product solutions - click here to view

watch video - Blum fittings in the kitchen

View video - Blum interractive zone planner

Wtach erganomic video
Is the prospect of trawling kitchen showrooms putting you off?

If you’ve previously been let down by showrooms, ‘sold to’ by empty-headed assistants or experienced the pain of poor installation, you can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Regency Kitchen Design is a specialist kitchen design company with many years’ experience installing kitchens in Bedford and its surrounding counties. We work directly with home owners, architects, trade customers and DIYers, and you will enjoy inspiring designs, exceptional, personalised service and one point of contact – guaranteed.

Your kitchen is the most hard-working room in your house. That’s why we base our designs on the principles of ’dynamic space’ – to make moving around and using your kitchen more efficient and enjoyable.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new kitchen and you’d like to talk through some options, simply call Michael Cassidy today on 01234 843753 or email us now to arrange a free consultation.